Obedience Training

An Obedient Dog Is A Happy Dog

Our Board and Train Program $700/Week:

During our boarding and training program, we will work with your dog each and every day to teach new behaviors as well as correcting unwanted behaviors. The average time we normally see a dog stay in our facility is between 2 and 4 weeks (depending on the dog and what we are working on). The commands we work on are Sit, Down, Heel, Climb/Place, Come and Free. All commands are taught using verbal commands unless otherwise specified with the owners before training starts. We will conduct a private training session with you at the end of the training period to go over progress and let you see just how good your dog is doing. (one lesson per 2 weeks of training plus a follow up lesson after your dog goes home)


Drop Off Dog Training $500/Week:

Our Drop Off Dog training consists of the same thing as our Boarding and Training program. However, You get the comfort of having your dog home with you each and every night. We have a drop off time in the morning and a pickup time in the evening. Essentially it is like your dog is going to school or work and you are taking them to and from our facility each day. Just like Boarding and Training, We will conduct a private lesson with you and your dog at the end of each training week with one follow up lesson after training is completed.


Private Lessons $100/Hour or $400/5 Sessions:

This is for those of you who like to be at the end of the leash and want to learn how to teach your dog how to do things, private dog training lessons are for you! Our training staff here has the ability not only to train your dog but to teach you how to train your dog as well. Private lessons are based on what you want to work on with your dog specifically.

**Please note that we require at least 24-hour notice for cancellations of appointments without incurring a charge.